Want to Grow your business? Use your Rolodex!

September 06, 2012

Want to Grow your business? Use your Rolodex! 


Want to grow your network? Have you ever considered the advice of people you already do business with? If you hadn’t, then you are really missing out on the benefits of knowing a person who already has a network.

We don’t go to social events or networking events for the food or the fun. We go to create a bigger and better network so that we can get more referrals. By accessing this group of professionals you are creating a super rolodex that in turn is actually an encyclopedia of networks.

Let me tell you a story of a friend who was looking for some advice which let to much more than what she bargained for. She was the owner of a small service oriented firm, that wanted to move to another state that had a better business environment than the one she was currently in. Like many of us know, working with the government in getting permits and the right paperwork takes…… Well, FOREVER! Her plans to move just didn’t seem to fall in her time schedule.

She decided to ask her CPA for some advice on how to make things go faster. She explained her situation to her CPA, who in turn knew the right people to get the job done for her.

Seems like the end of a fairy tail story where she lived happily ever after. I wish it were so, but the story continues; The owner of the small services firm, was able to make four new business clients from reaching out to her CPA for advice. All of this happened because she took the first step in reaching out to someone she knew. Taking the first step led to more than a fairy tale ending, it led to a bigger and better Rolodex.

Before you go and start asking all your business contacts for their Rolodex, here are a few tips to help you prepare so that you do not look like the business relationship hassling for more business.

Want to Grow your business? Use your Rolodex! 

Want to Grow your business? Use your Rolodex!

Want to Grow your business? Use your Rolodex!

1. It’s better to give than to receive. It’s simple, people respond to respect with respect. Most people can judge you in the first 3 seconds of your encounter with them. Make sure you build your social repertoire before you start asking for things in return.

2. Ask and you shall receive. This doesn’t mean to ask your baker on how to fix your cars engine. Know which client is able to respond to your question, because if you don’t your going to end up with someone staring at you with a glazed look like, shouldn’t you be asking this question to some else?

3.Do not try and do a change-up. Remember you already built your reputation up, don’t go and lose it by playing it sneaky. This will only offend your client and make them feel less confident in your ability to help them. Being straightforward is your best option; ALL THE TIME!

4.Politcally Correct. As simple as this sounds, to many times I hear of stories of where things turned from nice to awkwardness. Try your best to avoid these conversations at all cost, the discomfort and damage this will do will only hurt that relationship.


5.Nothing is Free. Keep this motto in mind when asking for advice. If you seek advice on something you would usually get charged for, this would be just as bad as breaking rule number 4.


Even though many of us don’t really use a Rolodex anymore, it is the symbol that it represents. A powerful Rolodex not only helps you expand your business, but It also makes your business that much better. It’s not what you know, it’s whom you know, and if you build your Rolodex that way, nothing will be impossible.

Want to Grow your business? Use your Rolodex! 

By: Edward Negru | September 6, 2012 |